Seminar/Classroom Activity/Event/Talk/Gathering/Meeting Room

To enable better budget planning, we at seeks to simplify the cost of renting a room for the purpose of holding a seminar, classroom activity, an event, a talk, a gathering or simply a meeting. As opposed to giving you a very competitive rate and then charging you for the usage of the projector, mikes, flip chart and etc, we employ a simplistic approach to resolve all these uncertainties. Training organizers are deeply aware that a good venue serves as a strong pull factor in reaching out to their customers. If admission fees are charged to the customers, it will somehow erode the interest of potential customers and reduce the overall event attendance.

An ideal location also serves as a good “face value” for the host. It brings across the message that the host is worth investing their time in and hence, you will generally see an inclination for organizers to want to locate their events in town. For those with deep pockets, nothing less than a 5 star hotel will meet their needs. However, given the savviness of the general public, some have all but seen through the empty facade of “show business”. Having said this, it is still logical and business worthy for one to rent a decent slot in town to impress the would-be investor or client.

Seating Style Configured To Your Needs

Seating Style Configured To Your Needs

Facilities for Maximum Impact


Seminar/Classroom Activity/Event/Talks/Gathering/Meeting Room

  • Large Room space for Seminar, Classroom Activity, Talks, Gathering and Meeting
  • Private restroom
  • Projector and whiteboard
  • High quality sound system
  • Wireless Internet on high speed fiber optic network
  • Extension cords available on request for Internet Seminars
  • Registration table and Signage
  • Projector linked laptop provided
  • Catering arrangements are available
  • Barbecue
  • Swimming pool
  • 30 minutes setup time before your event



Meeting pod



ALL-IN-ONE Room Rates at a glance…



Hourly Rate

Full Day Rate (8 hours)




(Monday ~ Friday)

(Minimum 4 hours)

(S$55 / additional hour)


Hourly Rate

Full Day Rate (8 hours)




(Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays)

(Minimum 4 hours)

(S$60/ additional hour)